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The Tyler Project - Trailer - 2008
Director: Kirby Clements
Credits: Kirby Clements - Camera/Editor/Director Tyler Britton - Music Soundtrack and Drawings
Description: The trailer to the 23 minute short documentary on a young man with a form of Autism known as Aspergers Syndrome. A look from his perspective, using his music and drawings to set the tone.
Director: Kirby Clements
Description: The first music video released for laughingshadow by Kirby Clements.
Director: Kirby Clements
Description: A video of Portland, OR shot to the music of Adapter from PDX as well.
Snow in June
Director: Kirby Clements
Description: Music video set to the electronic music of Bo-Seul Jung, from Portland, OR. A fast and blurry ride through the snowy mountains of Mt. Hood, OR and Trillium Lake.
SnowStorm in PDX - 2004
Director: Kirby Clements
Credits: Music by Pearl Jam.
Description: We finally had a good snow storm in Portland, OR, so I dubbed it to one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs. Its just a rough moment in video of how much fun everyone had in Portland when the ice storm came and stayed for several days.